John Heart Jackie is a contemporary interpretation of the duet by Jennie Wayne
& Peter M. Murray— part band, part continual character study and performance piece. !ink Johnny Cash & June Carter on acid making a record with Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham in 2015 as told by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Episodes was released January 22, 2016 on Pour Le Sport Recording Co.

Episodes is an album re-imagined for the current cultural landscape. A collection of songs about the human relationship, explored visually as singular moments. A case study of growing up and getting older, love and loss, control and wildness— universal feelings that exist between people whether they are friends, lovers or family.

Recorded and produced by Peter M. Murray over the course of two years in Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR, Episodes was originally intended to be a series of singles, with the concept that the traditional album as we currently know it is over. As the songs were recorded however, a cohesive narrative began to unveil itself—a story that bridged the duo’s own experiences with those of the characters they explored in John and Jackie.

As that overarching narrative became clear, the duo started to articulate the reoccurring themes of each song through both sight and sound. the result is a visual album that, through photos, videos and writings, explores the feelings and ideas of each song as singular moments. Housed in a multi-dimensional, interactive web- site, the music will be released incrementally as individual ‘episodes’ and hope#lly provide the listener an immersive experience.

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