Siren Song (Single)
I am only as sure
As the sun falling low
Like a bird learns to fly
Like a man learns to cry

I’ve been drinking away
And not singing enough
So I’m taking to flight
In an effort to fight
My diminishing ways
These diminishing days
Somehow I am always moving away

Do you ever dream
Of taking your life
To make into something your own
Do you ever dream
Of taking your life
For I dream of taking my own
To put in the hands you love
to put in the hands that you love

So do not be alarmed
If I leave you behind
And it fills up your eyes
All shadows shorten in time
All shadows shorten in time

We Are Gold Mounds

Gold Mounds
Lying back on a hot, hot run,
how the dust blows.
We are mountain towns, we are gold mounds,
and we came here for you.

What rides on us?  On this?
I know
there is some momentum; I know the feeling
that all we hope to return to is “we’re so proud of you”

Hook In My Arm
And some day we won’t
Live day to day
With our lips pursed and pressed against the back
Of a stranger whose
Clothes we took to
Make up for everything they lack

I hope you’ll never know
About her cocaine bones
And all the tattoos upon her arms
And the ones she wished were gone
And why we can’t move on
From love that is innocent like youth
But I hope some day
We no longer may
Be surprised by what
We’ve always known

With my lips she said
And her persistent bed
We’ll probably stay awake till dawn
The sun timed her rise with our hearts demise
I’m sorry about this hook stuck in my arm

You’re still dreaming and
I’m still bleeding
Chances are that we will never know
What it’s like to
Grow old with you
But what do you expect from hearts of stone

But I know one day
We no longer may
Be surprised by what
We’ve always known

Deep As Whales
Trees sing deep as the whales of the woods,
sway, and bow.
So far removed on a day like today,
miles from the last highway.
When I return I’m reminded,
you and me way out here,
things are so grand it could never end —
we eat our fill.

It’s easy to see: what a team, you and me —
how this house knows it.
And though it’s cloudy we’ll likely see stars.
That’s who we are.

For Olivia (be fine)
Brian gone down the hill
mother gone to that cancer
Cancer took her bones
cancer took what we all thought we owned

No one found the words
still I keep you close
when tomorrow comes
Olivia you’ll know

And I hope upon
the first listen to this song
time slows just enough
to see where everything has fallen

And some day
life won’t haunt us like
shadows in the doorway
tomorrow in the darkness
like all the honest words we were too afraid to say

Mother left so slow
Brian swallowed by snow
You don’t know if it’s
Worth staying for tomorrow

When you’re sleeping
I can hear what the
Camera couldn’t capture,
mother speaking
“Daughter of mine,
Olivia be fine.”

Marilyn Monroe
For every truth
There is an equal and opposite truth
And they say
That my days are darker than your nights

If what they say is true
I must not be that far away from you

Everybody is somebody else’s secret
But only as long as you can keep it

But crazy is only what you make it
Yes crazy is only what you make it

What Came Before
All the things that you try
That never see the end
They discount your honor
Till you try them again

Time bullied down
No more floundering through
I do all I can
To do right by you

One day with apropos
To the thoughts of my own
I’ll go above ego
To give it all up to you

You’re heart got cold
And time took it’s toll
And pedaled backwards darling
through the depths of your soul

And no man could ever love you
Like my own thoughts
That made you something you’re not
Nor will you ever be

All the things that you try
That never see the end
they discount your honor
and they fuck with my head

All the work I do now
Ain’t the work I did then
It was uncertain and fitful
And part of your plan

No man you ever make could shake me
Like the image in my head of what
You were always meant to be
And you never will

You’ve Been On My Mind
It’s been a year since you’ve been here.
Time passed and you’re still gone.
I don’t mind, I do just fine,
still, I wonder when you’re coming home ‘cause

You’ve been on my mind
You’ve been on my mind
You’ve been on my mind, oh

Summer came late last June,
I was peddling out my sweet little tunes,
my quiet roof that I found proof
you’d thought of me all those other years

And you’ve been on my mind
You’ve been on my mind
You’ve been on my mind, oh

And even when you’re on the road
I wonder could I ever be yours?

You’ve been on my mind…

The Canyons
Oh morning, like a ghost-lit dawn,
glows on that I wake upon,
now I journey to another one
gone into the canyons.

My boots, they will not see my rest,
not until my love’s been met.
My darlin’ girl, is this your test?
For you I’ll give my two hands.

Not steel or train, nor chains to bind
could break a path steadfast as mine,
but a bridge built to withstand time
crumbles below me.

Oh love, hear this, my breath’s near gone,
swallowed by the river’s song,
stay well, don’t mourn me too long,
fare thee well, my only.

All songs © Jennie Wayne & Peter Murray

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